Moog Music is where and how it all started, when  it comes to analog synthesizers and electronic music in general!

But Moog is not just a monumental landmark in the history of music - it is in our opinion still the best brand out there for making amazing electronic music of all subgenres!

Unlike any other synth out there, Moog simply requires a few creative tweaks, and Moog is ALL you need for bass, lead, stabs, fx, or anything you can think of.
From Sub37, to Minitaur, there simply is NO EQUAL in the industry, and it is by far the best value for the money.

In addition, Moog instruments hold their value, and are proudly made in Asheville USA!

Audiofeen has been feening on Moog for decades... Let us show you what we learned, stop by our showroom in Chicago, or call today!