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Here is a breakdown of our current packages.
We typically offer courses at $65/hr:
- Full Hands on Experience
- Training from professional DJ's with a minimum experience of 10+ years
- Full use of the latest requested DJ Equipment and software
- Your choice of lessons on DJ Controllers, Turntables, or CD Players
- Walk through of the do's and don't-s when Live DJ'ng.
- Exclusive Deals on our store inventory to get you started on your DJ Career.
- Song Selection and Track Listing help.
- Tips on How to correctly read a crowd.
- Proper DJ etiquette for open format DJ's
We Have a full Beginner Package which features the above and is a total of 4 lessons for a grand total of $200. 
We have 3 DJ's on rotation, which give lessons in our showroom every week. 
All of our DJ's have professional working experience,  playing multiple times per week at A List venues in Chicago and the Chicago land area.
We also host limited space "guest" lessons by world-famous DJ's, who teach on a limited time basis, and share their knowledge and experience on how they became world famous performers, as well as teach first-hand all of their techniques and skills to those who sign up.
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If this is something you are interested in or have any more specific questions that we can answer, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call directly at1-773-647-1143.
We can put you through to one of our DJ's as well if you want to get the full rundown on how they would conduct the lessons.