Our Promise

Who we are:
Audiofeen LLC is a brick and mortar store, located in Chicago's North Side Albany Park neighborhood,with the biggest in stock inventory in Chicago/Midwest USA.

Audiofeen.com was created with specific focus on offering the best customer experience in purchase, support and usage of NEW and USED Musical Instruments (both electronic and acoustic, such as guitars, drums, synthesizers etc.) and Music Production/Engineering gear (recording and studio equipment).
Our USED GEAR program offers musicians a place to sell their used gear at our showroom and our website, while offering the lowest service percentage of all similar programs!

Our goal is to not just sell the gear, but to lead you through the process of using the gear, encourage the creativity and help you ultimately produce your own music, which you can be proud of!

While we strongly believe that anyone can (and should) make or play music (your voice is an instrument as well), we will not try to sell you illusions or push you to purchase some piece of gear, while assuring you that your purchase WILL make you an instant rock star.
Nor will an expensive microphone make you sound better, for ex.
It will most likely make you sound worse (since nice mics would expose inaccuracies), thus, increase your insecurity and decrease desire to do music at all.

This is where WE want to help, and this is what makes Audiofeen a different place, a real Musicians friend.