Vocal Lessons

Taught by some of the most talented Chicago vocalists, Music College teachers/professors, who are also active in the Chicagoland music scene, and ranging in styles from rock/blues, funk, soul, r'n'b to jazz, metal and everything in between.

Vocal lesson rooms are equipped with pianos, microphones, headphones and Ableton Live rig, which you can use to record your lesson and/or learn how to perform LIVE using Ableton as a way to harmonize/overlay different vocal takes in a live setting.

Focus is on proper vocal techniques, breathing, improvisation and are generally aimed at making you a better performer - on the STAGE, which includes visual aspects of being a singer.

Feel free to bring your own microphone/setup, or use ours, then back it up on a USB drive.

Lessons are 1 hour long, scheduled between the teacher and student, and prices range from $40-60.