AKG C 480 B Ultra Low Noise Microphone Module

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Give Your Listeners the Sound They Love!
AKG's CK series microphones offer reliability, flexibility and convenience. The core of the CK series is the C 480B power supply / preamplifier. Compact in design this removable power supply provides flexibility in allowing interchangeable elements to be used depending on the application. The C 480B power module is completely compatible with the CK 61, 62, 63 and 69ULS capsules. 
The module supplies 48 Volt phantom power and features switchable attenuation of the output level by 10dB. Also featured is a +6dB preamplifier gain, particularly advantageous when using the CK 69ULS shotgun capsule, adding gain to signals generated at lengthy distances from the mic. A 75Hz / 150Hz bass-cut filter is also provided. The module boasts a low-inherent self noise spec resulting in dynamic range of more than 120dB.
  • Sophisticated microphone pre-amp design for ultralow noise performance
  • Transformerless output provides extremely low distortion, highest reliability and less weight
  • Switchable attenuation pad enables high SPL applications up to 144dB
  • Switchable bass-cut filter eliminates rumble or footfall noise
  • Specially designed output stage for difficult loads drives excessively long cables with no signal degradation
The C 480B Power Module provides power to all supported CK series capsules. This design is convenient for users who require microphones supporting different polar patterns, depending on the situation. Among the supported capsules are the CK 61, 62, 63 and 69 ULS.
Switchable Attenuation
Switchable attenuation pad with 0 and -10dB positions are provided. This provides an even greater SPL and allows close micing of sources that would otherwise overload the mic input.
Low Cut Roll Off
The Low Cut (or bass) roll-off switch cuts low end rumble and wind noise registering in the low frequency spectrum.
Phantom Power
+48 Volt phantom power is supported and powers any of the supported elements.
  • Power Requirements: Phantom, 48v (+/-4v)
  • Output Impedance: 150 Ohms
  • Output Connectors: XLR-3M Type
  • Pad: Yes, Switchable +6,or -10 db
  • Low Frequency Roll-Off: Yes, -12db/Octave @ 75hz Or 150hz
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 0.8" (149.86 x 20.32mm) LxDdiameter
  • Weight: 7.25 oz. (205.4 g)