Alesis DM10 Pro Kit - Electronic Drum Kit

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The Real Deal: Real Heads, Real Cymbals, Real Sounds! The DM10 Pro Kit from Alesis is a high-quality electronic percussion kit that offers a realistic playing feel with top-notch sounds of acoustic and electronic drums. The kit features two 10" and two 8" drum pads, each with dual zone triggers (drum-head and rims) and Mylar skins for an authentic drumming experience. All of the cymbals are made of real alloy with a clear sound-dampening layer. They don't have to approximate what a real cymbal feels like, because the SURGE cymbals are cymbals. The heart of the system is the DM10 sound module. It's loaded with 100 preset drum kits (and 100 user assignable kits), and each sound has multiple velocity-sensitive layers depending on how hard the trigger is struck. The two zones in the drum pads can both be triggered simultaneously, creating a realistic layered composite of a drum sound. The DM10 can also be attached to a computer via its USB port to load more sounds into it, and to trigger software instruments like BFD, Toontrack, and Reason. Everything in the kit mounts to the chrome-plated ERGORACK. It's a heavy-duty stand that allows you to place each drum pad and cymbal exactly where you want it. There is plenty of room on the ERGORACK to attach additional drum pads and cymbals, and the tubing is compatible with most manufacturer's third party drum hardware. It's been designed to set-up and tear down quickly, so gigging musicians can be on and off stage in no time. The DM10 Pro Kit has been designed to deliver a realistic drumming experience, from the alloy cymbals with manual choking, to the kick drum pad that can accommodate most dual-beater kick drum pedals. The sequencer in the DM10 module can play accompaniment so you can practice your chops, and you can also plug in an external CD or MP3 player and jam with your favorite music. Even though it feels like you're playing a real drum kit, it doesn't sound like it. You can plug in and play to your heart's content any time day or night without disturbing anyone. If you're serious about percussion, the DM10 Pro Kit is a seriously powerful drumming instrument.


  • DM10 drum module with 12 trigger inputs and mixer
  • Real Head acoustic-feel 8" and 10" dual-zone drum pads with real heads
  • SURGE cymbals are alloy acoustic cymbals with triggers
  • 12" SURGE hi-hat, 13" SURGE crash with choke
  • 16" SURGE ride with choke
  • Ergonomically curved
  • chrome-plated Ergo Rack Premium instrument library sampled from real drums and cymbals
  • Dynamic articulation changes sounds' timbre along with dynamics for realism
  • Sound-set loading and use with software drum modules, both via USB
  • Play along and record yourself with the sequencer
  • Mix input for practicing with CD and MP3 players
  • Specifications
  • Polyphony: 64 Voices
  • Memory: 128MB, Linear
  • Inputs 2 x Stereo
  • RCA Inputs 12 x 1/4"
  • TRS Trigger Inputs1 x 1/4"
  • Hi-Hat Controller Input 1 x MIDI In
  • Outputs 2 x Balanced 1/4" TRS Main Outputs
  • 2 x Balanced 1/4" TRS Stereo Aux Assignable Outputs
  • 1 x 1/4" Stereo Headphone Output
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Presets Preset Sounds: 1047
  • Preset Sound Type: 16-Bit Uncompressed Samples
  • Preset Kits: 100 (all kits can be overwritten)
  • Sequencer Patterns: 75 Preset, 25 User (all kits can be overwritten)
  • Sounds Basses: 55
  • Beatbox: 55 Beat/Drum Machine: 59
  • Chinas: 13
  • Crashes: 36
  • Hi-Hats: 25
  • One-Hits: 349
  • Kicks: 91
  • Percussion: 151
  • Rides: 28SFX: 31
  • Snares: 85
  • Toms: 69
  • Dimensions: Not Specified by Manufacturer
  • Weight: Not Specified by Manufacturer