Alesis DM8 Pro Kit - Professional Five-Piece Electronic Drumset

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Fantastic Playing Feel, Hundreds of Great Drum Sounds Packed with over 750 first-quality studio and live drums and cymbals, dozens of play-along tracks, and an advanced metronome for practice and performance, the Alesis DM8 Pro Kit module also has audio and trigger inputs and outputs including USB MIDI for expansive connectivity. The kit provides DM Pad 16-inch tri-zone ride and 14-inch crash cymbals, both choke-able. There are also 8-inch and 10-inch tom pads plus a large 12-inch floor tom pad and dual-zone snare, all with Alesis" RealHead technology. The rugged StageRack is stable and durable.


  • DM8 high-definition drum module with over 750 Dynamic Articulation"cent; sounds
  • RealHead 8", 10", and 12" drum pads with tension-adjustable drumheads12" dual-zone Snare, 8", 10", and 12" Toms, and 8" Kick, which works with single and double pedals (sold separately)
  • DMPad 12", 14", and 16" multi-zone cymbal pads with natural motion16" 3-zone Ride with choke, 14" Crash with choke, 12" Hi-Hat with RealHat continuous pedal
  • StageRack with four-post design, integrated cymbal booms, and wingbolt-adjustable clamps
  • StageRack comes with convertible boom/straight cymbal arms, mounted in the downtubes
  • Premium instrument library multi-sampled from real drums and cymbals
  • Play along with tracks and record yourself with the three-part sequencer
  • Works with iPad via Apple USB Adaptor (sold separately)
  • Mix input for practicing with external music players
  • USB-enabled for tracking and programming with virtually all music software
  • Specifications
  • Sounds: Over 750Kits: 100 preset, 100 user
  • Patterns: 75 preset, 75 user
  • Includes:DM8 drum module
  • RealHead 12" Drum pads
  • RealHead 10" Drum pad
  • RealHead 8" Drum pad
  • RealHead Kick pad
  • DMPad 12" Hi-Hat cymbal
  • DMPad 14" Crash cymbal
  • DMPad 16" Ride cymbal
  • RealHat Pedal continuous hi-hat control pedal
  • StageRack with clamps and boom cymbal arms
  • Cable snake with cable collarsDrumkey
  • Power supply
  • DM8 User Manual Setup Guide