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Alto EMPIRE RMX1508 DFX 1500 Watt Powered Cabinet Mixer With Effects

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The Alto RMX1508DFX has every function you need to perform a live performance. It generates a total of 1500 watts of pure ultra-clear class D power to drive any speakers of choice.  Being a class D amp the Alto RMX1508DFX isn't just about power but practicality, its built lightweight and durable to handle the life of the road.
The array of incredibly useful features on the RMX1508DFX can really help make your events professional sounding. With a total of 18 inputs including 8 XLR's all with 48V phantom power, 8 line jack and stereo RCA to connect CD players/MP3 players. With this many inputs you're sure to have more than enough for any instrument.  
Once all the connections have been finished there is a built in DSP digital effects unit so you have the option of adding high quality effects by Alesis including Hall, Room, Vocal & Plate reverbs, Mono & Stereo delay (max delay time 650ms), Chorus, Flanger & Reverb modulations, Reverb+Delay, Reverb+Chorus and Reverb+Flanger combinations to sweeten your sound to fit into any venue. Each mono and stereo channel is fitted with a 3 shelf EQ to further perfect your sound.
  • 18 total inputs including 8 XLR jacks with phantom power, 8 line jacks and stereo RCA
  • On-board digital effects processor and 3-shelf EQ on each mono and stereo channel
  • Continuous 2 x 750W power at 4-ohms; 1500W at 8-ohms Bridged
  • Class D Power for clean power and lightweight
  • Built-in, recessed handles for easy transport
  • Microphone Input: Electronically balanced, discrete input configuration
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz to 55kHz, + /-3dB
  • Distortion: (THD & N) 0.006% at +4 dBu, 1kHz
  • Gain: 50dB (MIC)
  • SNR (Signal / Noise Ratio): > 90dB
  • Line input: Electronically balanced
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz to 55kHz, + /-3dB
  • Distortion: (THD & N) 12:04% at +4 dBu, 1kHz
  • Gain: 30dB
  • Line Inputs: Unbalanced
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz to 55kHz, + /-3dB
  • Distortion: (THD & N) 0.006% at +4 dBu, 1kHz
  • Microphone: 1.4K Ohm
  • Return Insert Channel: 2.5K Ohm
  • All other inputs: 10k Ohm or higher
  • Tape Out: 1k Ohm
  • All other outputs: 120 ohms
  • Hi shelving: + /-15dB @ 12kHz
  • Mid bell: + /-15dB @ 2.5kHz
  • Low shelving: + /-15dB @ 80Hz
  • A / D and D / A: 24-bit
  • DSP Resolution: 24-bit
  • Total: Hall, Room, Vocal & Plate Reverbs Mono & Stereo DELAY (max delay time 650ms) Chorus, Flanger & Reverb Modulations, Reverb + Delay, Reverb + Chorus, Reverb + Flanger combinations
  • Presets: 16
  • Controls: Selector PRESETS 16-positions; Selector Changes 16 LED Clip-positions; Mute Switch with LED indicator
  • Stereo Mode: 680W (RMS) @ 4ohm, 770W (EIAJ) @ 4ohm, 429W (RMS) @ 8ohm
  • Bridge Mode (Bridge): 1553W @ 8ohm, 399W (EIAJ) @ 8ohm
  • Voltage main: ~ 100-120 VAC 210-240 VAC 60 Hz ~ 50 Hz
  • Fuse: 100-120 V: 210-240 V T15A: T10A