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B-52 LS-100 Tri-Channel Amplifier

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Warm, classic tone and versatile power.
The B-52 LS-100 Guitar Amp Head represents the latest in the ever expanding line of highly acclaimed B-52 guitar amps. Friendly features combined with the latest advancements in preamp technology makes the LS-100 amp head an outstanding choice for the professional player and the weekend warrior. The clean channel now has the exclusive B-52 "Mid Cut" feature. This push-button allows you to select the classic, warm vintage sound or a pristine, almost acoustic-like tone with tons of headroom. The overdrive channels go from moderate classic breakup to monstrous gain, totally controllable thanks to the individual gain and master controls for each overdrive mode. The overdrive channels now feature the new, B-52 assignable Contour control. 
This allows you to preset the Contour control and have it automatically activate on the gain channel of your choice. You can set one overdrive channel for a punchy midrange tone with the Contour off and turn the Contour on the other overdrive channel for a massive, totally scooped out metal tone.
Whether you are playing to a stadium crowd of 50,000 or practicing at home in your garage, the LS-100 will produce awesome crunch, smooth mids and crystal-clean highs. It is also capable of producing massive amounts of distortion, perfect for any style from blues to metal.
  • Overdrive channel with Gain1, Gain2, assignable Contour, three-band EQ and individual Volume 1 and Volume 2 controls
  • Clean Channel with Volume, 3 band EQ and a MID CUT switch
  • Master section with Volume and Reverb controls
  • Rugged footswitch for Channel Select, Gain Select and Reverb on/off
  • Front panel Push switches for channel, gain select and Contour assign
  • Effects send and return with level controls
  • Cabinet simulated Line out with level control for direct recording
  • Two speaker output jacks
  • An international voltage select switch for 117 and 230 volts
  • Dimensions: 27"W x 11"H x 12"D
  • Weight: 34 lbs.