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B-52 US-1800 Professional Power Amplifier

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Designed to provide outstanding performance on any stage, in the clubs, and on the road.
The B-52 US-1800 Power Amplifier features low noise, low distortion circuitry and high current output stages. It uses oversized toroidial transformers and large filter capacitors to deliver super clean, fist pumping output even when driving 2-ohm speaker loads. 
All B-52 US-series power amplifiers use the most reliable linear output devices for ultralow distortion and ruler flat frequency response. The stellar looking B-52 US-Series professional power amplifiers are made to outperform in any setting. Backed by a 3-year warranty.
  • Compact 2-rack size
  • High-current toroidal transformers for greater 2-ohm power
  • 21-position detent gain control knobs for consistent settings
  • Front panel LED display: Power, bridge and parallel LEDs and signal,
  • 20dB, -10dB, 0dB, clip and protect LEDs for each channel
  • Protection: short circuit, output current limiting, thermal, DC offset, turn on/off muting, RF protection and circuit breaker
  • Clip limiters reduce distortion without sacrificing peak performance (defeatable on US-3000/US-4000)
  • Sub-sonic filters protect speakers and increase headroom (defeatable)
  • Balanced combo XLR and ¼" TRS input connectors and link XLR output connectors
  • 5-Way binding post and Speakon™ outputs
  • Low-noise cooling fans with continuously variable speed and highly efficient front-to-rear forced air keeps the amplifiers cool
Get the super-clean power you need for any gig.
Amplifier Specifications
Stereo Both Channel Driven @ 1kHz, 1%THD
  • 8 Ohms - 300 watts
  • 4 Ohms - 475 watts
  • 2 Ohms - 700 watts
Bridged Mono @ 1kHz, 1%THD
  • 8 Ohms - 950 watts
  • 4 Ohms - 1400 watts
Input Sensitivity
  • 1.23 Vrms (+4 dBu) for full power @ 4 Ohms
Input Impedance
  • 30K ohms Balanced/15K ohms Unbalanced
Frequency Response
  • 0/-0.5dB: 20Hz - 20kHz; 0/-3dB: 5Hz - 60kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Better than 100dB (20Hz - 20kHz)
Distortion (SMPTE-IM)
  • Less than 0.03%
Output Circuitry
  • AB
  • Continuously variable speed fan, front to rear
  • Short circuit, thermal, current limit, dc offset, AC current inrush,RF protection, subsonic, turn on/off muting
  • Front: Power on/off switch, volume controls for each channel
  • Rear: Mode switch (stereo / parallel / bridge), HPF on/off,
  • Limiter on/off (US3000/4000)
  • Power, parallel, bridge. Each channel: Signal, -20dB, -10dB, clip, protect
Power Requirements
  • 115/230V 60/50Hz factory configured
AC consumption
  • Both channels driven at 4 Ohm load, at 115Vac (for 230V divide by 2)
Typical level, 1/8 power pink noise
  • 6.3A
Severe level, 1/3 power pink noise
  • 9.6A
  • 19” (482mm) x 3.5” (88mm) x 17.2” (438mm)
Net weight
  • 35lb (16kg)