Cortex DMIX-600 DJ controller with iPod dock with DSP FX

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Advanced mixing for iPods and USB storage devices.
Built around the same engine as the HDC-1000, the DMIX Series integrates the power of Cortex's patent-pending USB compatible technology and a 2-channel mixer into one compact, easy-to-carry, all-in-one digital mixing solution (only 12 lb.). Whether mixing at home, in the club, or at a party, the DMIX-600 delivers optimum functionality and control of your digital music files stored on an iPod, external hard drive, or USB flash drive that is perfect for portable setups, permanent installations and mobile DJ rigs.
Full CBR and VBR MP3 Compatibility Features
  • iTunes playlist compatibility
  • Library cataloging
  • Multiple search options
  • Song info
  • File explorer mode
  • On-the-fly playlist creation and editing
  • Full search
  • Storage device selection
  • USB Link for storage device sharing
  • Storage device selection with external CD drive option
  • Keyboard connection for search and navigation
  • Dual-touch sensitive jog wheel with jog mode select
  • Dual 80 character text-only dot matrix displays for playback information
  • Instant Start and Cue with preview
  • Dual "Hot cues"
  • Three Effects (Filter, Flanger, Reverb) plus Scratch
  • Single/continuous play modes
  • Shuffle mode for unattended playback
  • Dual Mode Jog Wheel for search or pitch bend
  • Pitch bend via Jog wheel or buttons
  • Pitch control with range of +/- 24%
Mixer Section Features
  • 3-band EQ w/ Gain Control
  • Red "Fluid" diffused VU meters
  • Cue fader
  • Master/cue select switch for headphone preview
  • 1/4" headphone output
  • 1/4" mic input with 2 band EQ
  • 45mm Rail Glide Crossfader with selectable cross fader curve
  • Auxiliary inputs for phono or line devices
  • Dual ground screws for easy connectivity
  • Balanced XLR master output
  • RCA outputs for Master, Booth and Record
  • Dimensions: 2-1/2" x 19" x 10-1/2"