Cortex HDC1000 Digital Music Controller

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Powerful head for your digital DJ setup!
Intelligent Music Database Management 
The HDC-1000 uses a database management system that allows the user to search through a massive library of music within seconds, by artist, title, genre, album, or even by string. 
PC-Based Database Creation 
Databases can be created via the rackmountable HDC unit or the PC application, allowing users to create and manage database files at a gig, or on a home computer with lightning-fast speed. 
Search Options 
The cataloging system gives you several browsing options, including Search by Artist, Song, Title, Album, and Genre. This system allows users to search the same way they would using an iPod or similar portable music player. 
String Search 
Users can search by a certain word or phrase to find tracks on their storage device, even if they're unsure of the name. When the user inputs a keyword, it will search all Artists, Titles, Albums, and Genres, and show all matches to that keyword. For instance, searching for the word 'LOVE' might bring up (3) artists. It might also find (60) titles, (10) albums and (1) genre. The user can then select the artists, titles, albums, or genres from that list. 
CD-Audio Playback 
No need to abandon the CD collection, the HDC-1000 is able to play audio CDs with any compatible USB CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. 
CD/DVD Data Playback 
Play back user-created CD-Rs or DVD-Rs loaded with MP3 or WAV music files using a compatible USB CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. 
Main Playback Screen 
The brightly illuminated LCD main playback screen displays info on any track in the catalog, showing everything from the essentials such as artist, track title, pitch, time elapsed/remaining to detailed information including file format (MP3 or WAV), genre, and track length. 
File Explorer Mode 
Allows users to browse through files and directories as if they were using a computer, showing them the directory structure and file names exactly as they exist on the audio storage device. DJs with their own organizational system can navigate it quicker than using the database. 
Firmware Upgradeable 
The HDC's internal music management software can be upgraded simply by downloading new software from the Cortex website. 
Storage Device Selection 
Take a client's request from his iPod or USB memory flash drive, plug it in, and play it right away without having to reboot the unit. With 2 USB ports (and support for up to 4 devices when using a USB hub), the Cortex HDC unit allows users to connect and recognize multiple storage devices to access a variety of separate music databases simultaneously. 
Cue Point Management 
Cue points can be set like a normal CD player, so that the DJ can return to a certain time in the track just by pressing a button. Cue points may also be saved permanently to the connected storage device, allowing them to load with a track automatically. 
Performance Protection 
Every Cortex HDC unit features exclusive protection from accidental shutdown while playing, securing your precious digital files from sudden corruption and preserving your performance. To turn the unit off, simply press and hold the power button for more than 2 seconds. 
Keyboard Support 
Quickly find that hot new track in a massive library of music with just a few taps of a USB-compatible keyboard. 
VBR & CBR File Support 
The HDC-1000 can play all your MP3's; CBR or VBR at any bitrate up to 320kbps. 
Multi-language Support 
The HDC-1000 music management system supports multiple languages including English, French, and Spanish. 
Ultra-fast Instant Start 
From Cue to Start, get into the mix with no delay. 
Scratch Mode 
Create exciting transitions and effects by simply holding down the Jog Mode button for a moment to enter Scratch mode, users will be able to use the jog wheel to engage a scratch effect. 
Waveform Display Mode 
Via the Cortex database software, available FREE from the Cortex website, HDC-1000 users will be able to create a waveform of each song on their USB storage device which can then be optionally selected to be displayed on the HDC-1000's LCD screen. 
Seamless Loop Feature 
HDC-1000 users will now be able to seamlessly loop their favorite parts of a song with the touch of a button for more creative mixing possibilities.
  • Intelligent music database management
  • PC-based database creation
  • Search options
  • String search
  • CD-audio playback
  • CD/DVD data playback
  • LCD main playback screen
  • File explorer mode
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Storage device selection
  • Cue point management
  • Performance protection features
  • Keyboard support
  • VBR and CBR file support
  • Multi-language support
  • Ultra-fast instant start
  • Scratch mode
  • Waveform display mode
  • Seamless loop feature
  • HDC-1000 Software Update v.1.7.5'
  • NOTE: For optimum functionality, first download and install HDC-1000 Software Update 1.7.5 (if you haven't already done so) before downloading and installing both HDC-1000 Software Version 1.8.10 AND DB Manager Software SE (Version 2.4 for the HDC-1000)
  • This update (1.7.5) contains bug fixes and improvements to the previous version, including:
  • Improved Cue speed/performance
  • Improved performance when playing VBR files
  • Improved sound quality on quieter files
  • Improved performance when playing same file on both sides
  • Error checker built into update (Checks for file corruption before updating)
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Please refer to v.1.7.5 install procedure.rtf included in the update bundle prior to installing this update.
  • HDC-1000 Software Update v.1.8.10 + DB Manager SE v2.4
  • This update (1.8.10) contains bug fixes and improvements to the previous version, including:
  • Scratch Mode
  • Make Playlists On Computer
  • Auto-Fade (Fade between songs in same playlist)
  • Improved Overall Unit Performance When Mixing
  • Improved Cue Performance
  • Improved Fly Cue Accuracy
  • New Features in DB Software SE Version 2.4
  • Create Playlists For Use In Unit