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Crest Audio CPX 1500 Power Amplifier

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The CPX is an affordable line of amplifiers geared toward the MI and DJ markets. A tradition of great sound quality, flexibility and reliability is carried over into the Crest Performance series. Industry standard connectors and features make the CPX a great backbone for mobile sound systems, project studios and many other applications. Musicians will also find CPX as the power amp of choice.
Power points
Crest CPX amps are available in three models, CPX900, CPX1500 and CPX2600. Power capabilities range from 180 Watts to 2200 Watts. CPX amps will drive loads that range from 8 Ohms stereo to 2 Ohms stereo, or 4 Ohms bridged. 
Feature set
With a comprehensive set of features including built-in signal limiting, low pass filters and low frequency crossovers with direct outputs, the CPX line addresses several applications and serves as a low-cost solution for most power amplification needs.
  • GCL Gain Comparator Limiting system with rear panel defeat switch
  • Built-in Crossover:
    • 150 Hz, -24 dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley filter, tuned for subs
    • Individual in/out switches for Channels A and B
    • 1/4” daisy chain outputs
  • Built-in low cut filter:
    • -18 dB per octave at 80 Hz
    • Individual in/out switches for Channels A and B
  • Input connectors:
  • Barrier strip, Female XLR 1/4” TRS
  • Pin 2 hot
  • Outputs connectors:
    • SpeakonsTM for Ch A and B and Bridged mono
    • Binding posts for Bridge mode
  • Mode selector switch for stereo and bridged-mono operation
  • Two speed DC Fan
Protection Circuitry
GCL (Gain Comparator Limiting)
Monitors input/output gain and reduces signal when distortion or excessive high current conditions occur. Protects loudspeakers from dangerous transients and unexpected level changes. Transparent in operation, yet very effective for
its designed purpose.
Amp monitors internal heat sink temperature and temporarily shuts down during extreme thermal conditions.
DC Triac Crowbar: Prevents amplifier from putting out or receiving
dangerous DC over the speaker lines.
Turn On/Off Muting
Outputs are muted during turn on and turn off to prevent audible pop through speakers.
  • stereo power 8Ω: 300W
  • 4Ω: 500W
  • 2Ω (1% THD): 750W
  • bridged mono power 8Ω: 1000W
  • 4Ω (1% THD): 1500W
  • Stereo mode Below rated output power, 4 ohms: 100 dB
  • @ rated output power, 4 ohms: (+1dBv)
  • Unbalanced, 1/4" phone jack / Balanced, XLR: 10K / 20K Ohms
  • Overall system gain per channel: 40X (+32 dB)
  • SMPTE-IM: Less than 0.01%
  • (THD, typical value)
  • Stereo mode, both channels driven, 4 ohms
  • 20 Hz to 20 KHz, 10dB below rated power: Less than 0.03%
  • 20 Hz to 2 KHz, at full rated power: Less than 0.03%
  • +0,-1 dB @ 1W RMS, 4 ohms: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • +0,-3 dB @ rated output, 4 ohms: 5 Hz to 50 kHz
  • DAMPING FACTOR: (Typical value)
  • 8 ohms, 1 KHz: >300
  • Stereo mode, both channels driven
  • @ 1/3 rated output power, 4 ohms 120 VAC: 8.0 A
  • TOPOLOGY: Class AB
  • DIMENSIONS (all models): Height: 3.5" (8.9 cm), Width: 19" (48.3 cm), Depth: 14" 35.6 cm)