DJ Tech 4MIX 4-Channel Controller with Audio Interface Built-in

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The DJ-Tech 4MIX 4-Channel Controller features a built-in audio interface and control of up to 4 virtual decks. The 4MIX features a familiar 4-channel mixer layout with all 4 channel level faders conveniently present. There are 12 rubber assignment buttons for hot-starts, sample triggering, loop setting and more. The 4MIX features a 1/4" microphone input, 1/4" headphone output and booth and master outputs via RCA connections. The 4MIX is USB powered and includes Virtual DJ LE software.
Direct 4-Deck Control
The 4MIX is a compact USB DJ controller that provides direct access to 4-decks. The mixer area is a familiar 4-channel mixer with 3-band EQ, CUE, volume and a filter knob for each channel.
The 12 rubber buttons on each deck provide direct access to Loop, Hot Cue, and Transport controls. The 4Mix has also been configured to use the volume knob and play buttons for direct access to Virtual DJs Sampler feature.
Integrated Audio Interface
The low latency integrated audio interface provides not only master and monitoring headphone outputs, but also a booth output with independent volume control. This allows the user to plug the unit directly into a club’s PA system.
Virtual DJ LE Included
The 4Mix includes the popular Virtual DJ LE software. The included software is fully integrated with the 4Mix to control 4 decks.
  • Large platters for accurate control and scratching
  • 4 DECK layout with complete mixer
  • USB MIDI Controller compatible with all DJ midi software
  • Low latency audio driver included
  • Built-in audio connections for both preview and master outputs
  • Large knobs for direct access to filter
  • 24 rubber pads for direct access to Cue, Loop and Transport Control
  • USB-powered device, no additional power supply required
  • Includes Virtual DJ LE
  • Power Source: USB 5V 500mA
  • Dimensions: 360(W) x 255.8(d) x 64.5(h) mm
  • Inputs: 6.35mm Mic Input
  • Outputs
    • 6.35mm Heaphones Outputs
    • RCA Master Ouptuts
    • RCA Booth Outputs
  • USB Audio Interface: 16bit @ 44.1/ 48kHz