DJ Tech Digimix 2020 MP3 Mixing Software Kit

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The DJ-Tech Digimix 2020 MP3 Mixing Software Kit delivers all the features of professional DJ software, and requires absolutely no DJ experience. The software includes a USB audio card, DJ headphones and Digimix MP3 mixing software for your Windows Vista & XP computer.
Digimix 2020 will effortlessly read your iTunes play list, allow you to loop, beat-match and mix automatically. Whether you're an enthusiast, in need of a DJ mixing system for your next event, or a professional mobile DJ, the DJ-Tech Digimix delivers everything you need to sound like the pros.
  • Real time Mixing and Scratching on MP3's
  • Works with Windows XP & Vista
  • Compatible with iTunes Playlist
  • Plug & Play Complete Solution - RECORD in WAV
  • Real DJing with real time Monitor function
  • Windows XP & Vista
  • No Experience Required
  • Includes Software, USB Card & Headphones
  • Reads iTunes Playlists
  • Automatic Beat Matching and Mixing