DJ Tech DJMOUSE - USB DJ Controller

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Dj-Tech is proud to announce the first Dj mouse ( patent pending ), as it said, this mouse is fully designed and made for all DJ applications. With a selection of serious materials and having in mind the great aluminium and rubber feeling, discover how easy to manipulate songs and mix them. So funny to use the Automix and sampled sounds / jingles to get into the partys with PERFECT BEAT MATCH.
Powered by worldwide best dj software Deckadance for MAC and PC, the powerful auto beat engine and the section of digital effects are the tools to shape your mix. The built-in Jog and the direct access to SCRATCH, will rock your computer and heat the dance floor. DJ mouse includes a special mat for optimising the quality of your scratch performance. The Blue ring Led is so helpful to locate your position on the mat and drive your performance.
Just Plug, Play, Mix, and ROCK your computer with Dj Mouse.
  • Integrated Controller Mouse
  • Mixing and Scratching with MP3s
  • Includes Dekadance DJ Software
  • Mac and Windows Compatible
  • Real time Mixing and Scratching on MP3s
  • 6 effects with X and Y Control pads
  • Works with Windows XP & Vista, Mac
  • Real DJing with real time Monitor function
DJ Mouse
  • Heavy weight 120g optical mouse for DJ Application
  • Multi Function jog wheel with blue ring specially for dark area
  • Scratch Direct access Memory
  • Optimized for Deckadance DJ software for MAC and PC
  • Aluminium feel and mini jog wheel for controlling fader and Scratch
  • USB powered
DJ Scratch Mat
  • Turntable design
  • Optimised for Scratch Performance
Left Click Functions
  • Drag and Drop songs from the play list
  • Play 4 different CUE points
  • Access to the Effects
  • Play Samples
  • Play Loops
  • Play the 3 Reloopers
  • Activate Effect
  • Preview song
  • SYNC and downbeat
Vertical Wheel
  • Rewind and fast forward effect
  • All faders and knobs control
  • Scroll Playlist
Right Click
  • Memorize 4 Cue points
  • Toggle Loops
  • Toggle 3 Reloopers
  • Reset Effect
  • Lock the SYNC: get a perfect and permanent beat match
Jog Wheel
  • Control faders and knobs
  • Control Crossfader
  • Scratch or rewind Effect
Scratch Knob
  • Activate the digital Scratch mode with any position of the DJM
  • Lock the control of the X,Y parameters for the effects
  • Lock control of Fader/knobs without clicking