DJ-Tech Mixer One Professional USB Midi DJ Mixer Controller

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The DJ-Tech Mixer One Professional USB MIDI DJ Mixer Controller features 2 USB inputs for connecting external control decks (such as the Kontrol One) and a USB output to connect with laptop and desktop computers. The Mixer One features an array of assignable knobs and switches. Its professional channel-faders and crossfader provide smooth transitions and level control. The A/B, C/D channel selector switches enable control of up to 4 decks.
  • Built-in powered 2-port USB hub to connect additional controllers easily (ie: 2 x Kontrol One).
  • World first: Innovative "Channel Select" lever switch. Use it to control 4 mixer channels at once.
  • High quality replacement crossfader and faders.
  • 6 rotary dials with center click for control over EQ bands.
  • 2 rotary dials without center click for control Gain function.
  • 2 rotary dials without center click plus a mini fader for control Master, Monitor, and Monitor mix functions.
  • 9 push buttons back illuminated for clear vision in dark zones.
  • 1 Special mini rotary dial for control xfader curve/slope.
  • 2 Level meters with 10 led segments to monitorize correctly the mixing.
  • Mini lever switch included to duplicate the functionality of the vumeters.
  • Special size and shape to be used with modular dj hardware controllers.
  • Self powered. The Mixer One USB connector allows it to be powered directly from a compatible USB bus. There is an optional external power supply plug.
  • Strong metal case and high quality components for a longer lifetime.
  • Win, Mac and Linux compatible.