DJ Tech U2 Station MKII Twin MP3 Player and Twin USB Dock and 2CH DJ Mixer

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The DJ-Tech U2 Station MKII is an integrated DJ workstation that allows digital DJs to mix their audio files from a single USB hard drive, thumb drive, etc. The U2 Station MKII features dual decks with large platters, pitch control and more. In between each deck lies an integrated 2-channel mixer section with smooth level, crossfader and headphone cue controls. The lightweight and portable U2 Station MKII is easily set up, simply connect the main output to a powered speaker or sound system and you're ready for your set. There are 2 large LCD displays and DJ-Tech's Song Data Base makes title searches quick and easy.
  • Dual deck USB playback with HD Sharing. Easily play files from the same USB device, using both decks (no need for 2 USB devices)
  • 5 effects with real-time control including; Filter, Flanger, Echo, Brake and Scratch
  • All-in-one solution: 2x player decks + 1 mixer built in
  • Song data base management for quick song searches
  • BPM counter eases mixing and transitions
  • Full MP3 capability
  • Master tempo and pitch for karaoke
  • Cossfader headphone cue control
  • Super comprehensive user interface
  • Easy to carry, easy to use, just plug to your PA
  • Small and compact
Fully MP3 Compatible, Multi Mode Jog Wheels 
For search or pitch bend, or Scratch are super easy to use.Plug and Play MP3 had never been that easy: Plug your USB pendrive , and load songs to both player in a snap, and even the same song can be loaded to both player.
Large Display 
With search and navigation delivers optimum functionality and unmatched control of your digital music files.