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Epsilon Inno-ProPak

2x Epsilon DJT-1300 Turntables

EPSILON DJT-1300 USB – Ultra Hi Torque Pro DJ Turntable with USB Output. Extremely High Torque Direct Drive motor with instant Dual Stop / Play buttons and Reverse button for the pro battle performance.

Scratch DJ’s the DJT-1300 USB is a direct drive professional multi-speed digital quartz driven turntable that allows playback speed of 33, 45, 78 rpm, adjustable pitch control (+/- 8%, +/- 16% and +/- 50 %) for exact beat mixing, including Dual Play / Stop buttons for battle use and Easy Plug and Play with any DJ Software for PC or MAC.

DJT-1300 USB boasts electronic brake and a 330mm aluminum die cast turntable platter including a Static balance S-shaped tone arm with detachable head shell and both Phono / Line Output.


1x Epsilon Inno-Mix 2 Mixer

EPSILON INNO-Mix2 is an ultra compact Pro DJ Battle Mixer with a built-in mini iNNO – Fader Cross-Fader. This professional 2-channel SCRATCH mixer is built to work for over 4 million cycles with contactless design delivering butter smooth, precise and fast transitioning between channels.

iNNO-MIX2 is a professional Battle Mixer with an integrated iNNO-FADER cross fader that delivers a buttery smooth feel every professional DJ is looking for. The isolated 3-band equalizer with 100% kill features for High, Mid, and Low frequencies using rotary knobs or by using the instant dedicated kill buttons delivers that one of a kind mix. This Pro DJ mixer also includes features like cross-fader start, cross-fader curve and reverse channel fader mode. The balance TRS ¼" jacks for master output allows for easy mobile or club install.