Gemini PS-424X Pro 2-Channel Stereo Mixer

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The PS-424X offers impressive functionality and durable construction in an extremely compact package. This supremely portable 2-channel stereo mixer gives DJs the control they demand at a price they can afford.
With four line inputs and two convertible phono/line inputs, along with Master and Record RCA outputs, the PS-424X provides all the necessary connections to hook up an amplifier, turntables and even a recording device for capturing your set. The mixer also boasts Master and Cue Volume in addition to rotary Gain control and 3-band EQ on each channel, allowing you to customize your sound for nearly any situation or setting. There’s even a dedicated mic section with independent rotary Volume and 2-band EQ, so you have fine-tune control over your microphone signal.
For effortless transitions and even mixing from one source to another, the PS-424X features a smooth, robust Rail Glide cross fader, plus Curve and Reverse functions for adjusting its control. The mixer also has a dual mode VU Meter, so you can easily monitor your decibel levels. And to give you greater flexibility when incorporating songs into your set, the PS-424X comes with a cable for connecting your iPod or other portable media player.
Ideal for club installations and mobile DJs seeking big performance from a small package, the PS-424X gives you reliable, intuitive control for crafting a professional DJ set.
  • 10-inch, 4-line, 2-channel mixer with 2 convertible Phono/Line RCA inputs
  • Rotary gain channel control
  • 3-band rotary EQ per channel with -30dB cuts
  • User-replaceable Rail Glide™ cross fader
  • Cross fader Curve and Reverse controls
  • VU meters with Master/Cue option
  • Rotary CUE/PGM Fader
  • ¼-inch (6.35mm jack) mic input with volume control and 2-band EQ
  • ¼-inch (6.35mm jack) headphone output
  • RCA Master and Record outputs
  • iPod cable included in package