Gemini PS-828EFX Pro 4-Channel Stereo Mixer with DSP Effects Processor - Warehouse Resealed

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A 4-channel stereo mixer equipped with all the essentials DJs need.
The Gemini PS-828EFX DJ Mixer is equipped with all the essentials DJs need and want, plus a built-in high-quality digital effects section (Filter, Flanger & Trans) that can be individually assigned to any of the 3 channels. In addition, the one touch adjustable EFX parameter wheel makes adjusting your effects on the fly easier than ever.
  • 12.5" 5-line 4-channel mixer with 2 Phono inputs
  • Balanced (XLR) outputs
  • 3 built in effects including Filter, Flanger & Trans
  • One touch effects control with adjustable EFX parameter wheel
  • 3 band rotary EQ per channel with -30db cuts
  • Individual VU meter on each channel
  • Main VU meters with Master/Cue option
  • Recessed screw bottom panel for unobstructed mixing
  • User-replaceable Rail Glide Crossfader
  • Assignable Crossfader with Curve control
  • Separate microphone volume with talkover and 2 band EQ
  • Individual channel Cue buttons with Rotary CUE/PGM Fader
  • 2 1⁄4"(6.35 mm jack) Mic inputs One in back and one on top
  • 1⁄4" (6.35 mm jack) Headphone output with separate volume control
  • RCA Master and Record outputs
  • iPod Friendly cable included in package