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Latin Percussion Legends John Dandy" Rogriquez Jr. Signature Series Bongos"

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The sonic signature of this Latin pioneer.
LP Legend Johnny "Dandy" Rodriguez, Jr. Bongos speak of a man for whom bongos were his sole focus. These LP bongos incorporate prized European beech that cuts through with tone, and well-defined bottom end. The bongos feature authentic Cuban style steel bottoms, traditional rims, specially-selected matched hide heads, and a small center block for picking the drums up with one hand. 
The son of respected Latin musician Johnny Rodriguez, Sr., "Dandy" Rodriguez apprenticed with stalwarts Ray Barretto and Tipica '73 before beginning a 27-year tenure playing bongos and bells with the Tito Puente Orchestra. This was an era when bongo playing was a true art form and the LP Legend Series Johnny "Dandy" Rodriguez, Jr. Bongos keep the noble profession alive. Dandy's flourish, snappy technique and incredible charisma influenced generations of percussionists. 
  • European Beech Wood
  • 7-1/4" and 9" natural rawhide heads
  • Dark wood finish with black stripe and chrome hardware
  • Traditional rims with Cuban-style steel bottoms
  • 5/16" diameter tuning lugs, steel backing plate and plated cast aluminum bottoms