Latin Percussion

Latin Percussion LP Original Model Conga

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A salsa conga drum suited for the seated drummer.
These fiberglass congas remain virtually unchanged since their introduction in the 60s. The 28" height on this Latin Percussion conga drum is especially comfortable for those drummers who perform while seated. They're the standard conga of salsa players the world over. The hand drum's broad base makes them less prone to accidentally tipping over and also reinforces the low and middle range tones.
  • Hand selected, natural rawhide heads
  • LP comfort curve II rims
  • 5/16" tuning lugs
  • Reinforced LP heart side plates
  • Fiberglass shells have a steel ring embedded at the bearing (top) edge of the drum shell for added strength and stability
  • LP ProCare Integrated Shell Protectors prevent the side plate hardware from marking or damaging adjacent drums