Latin Percussion

Latin Percussion Tito De Gracia Timbales

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Radiating his Latin soul and feel.
For the LP Tito De Gracia Timbales, Tito paired two 14" stainless steel drums, both 8-1/2" deep. They are twins, clearly of the same harmonic family, with one speaking in a higher voice. The cascara is bright and brimming with elongated, chiming overtones. Similarly, rimshots project brightly but there's no jagged edge. Purists will approve of the traditional lugs, bolt tuners and the broad lows when played with sticks or hands. The subtle timbres unique to LP Tito de Gracia Timbales are a delight to any discriminating musician.
Hailing from Puerto Rico and respected across the globe, LP artist Tito de Gracia is at once a recording artist, composer and accompanist. His long discography leads off with stellar Latin figures including Celia Cruz, Willie Colon, Jerry Rivera and Dave Valentin. In this elite company, Tito honed his incredible timbale skills. This LP artist, a true master, has lent his name to signature timbale drums that radiate his personality, LP Tito de Gracia Timbales.
The clean, ringing tone you hear on Tito's acclaimed albums, My Latin Roots, for example, is a hint of the timbale tone embodied in these LP signature timbales. The shells are pure stainless steel, and retain their polished bright hue indefinitely. The silvery glow smacks of retro but the stinging attack and low tones are cutting edge.
LP Tito de Gracia Timbales feature a heavy-duty, height-adjustable/tilt-adjustable stand (LP980) to positioned the timbales low enough for drum set playing or regular timbale-height playing. LP includes a cowbell bracket, tuning wrench, and a pair of timbale sticks with the Tito De Gracia Timbales.
  • (2) 14" x 8-1/2" stainless steel shells
  • Traditional lugs
  • Bolt tuners
  • Includes:
  • Heavy-duty, height-adjustable/tilt-adjustable stand (LP980)
  • Cowbell bracket
  • Tuning wrench