Midas L1B - Midas 500 Series Modular Blank Plate

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500 Series Modular Blank Plate
  • Single width 500 Series blank plate
  • Protects and covers unused slots of your Midas L6 & L10
  • Fits most 500 Series rack mount chassis
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.
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Nothing looks better than a completely loaded LEGEND L10 or L6 500 series chassis, especially when a new client walks into your studio or meets you at the gig. But maybe your application doesn't require a full complement of modules. L1B modular blanking plates are the ideal way to keep your modular chassis looking great and protecting it from dust and potential internal damage.

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Single Space Coverage

Made from solid anodized aluminium and custom designed for a proper fi t, L1B blanking plates provide coverage for the empty bays in the LEGEND L10 and L6 500 series chassis, as well as most similar products from 3rd party vendors.