Midas L6 - Midas 500 Series Portable Chassis for 6 Modules with Advanced Audio Routing and Rackmount Kit

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 500 Series Portable Chassis for 6 Modules with Advanced Audio Routing and Rackmount Kit


  • 500 series portable chassis for 6 single-width modules
  • Advanced audio routing reduces cabling complexity
  • Audio output link switches provide cable-free daisy-chain connections between modules
  • Compressor bus link switches enable stereo and multi-channel dynamics sidechain linking
  • Rugged free-standing chassis with convenient carrying handle for portable applications
  • 3U 19" rackmount kit allows installation in recording studios and live touring racks (included)
  • Earth lift switch eliminates any ground loop problems
  • High power auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply for use worldwide
  • Over-specified ultra-low noise power supply output provides 3.2 A @ ±16 V and 300 mA @ +48 V
  • Main and auxiliary inputs and outputs per channel on Neutrik* XLR connectors
  • Premium quality components throughout for crystal-clear audiophile signal path
  • 10-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.
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The LEGEND L6 500 Series Portable Chassis lets you mix and match a wide range of audio processing modules to build the ideal signal chain for any application. With space for up to 6 single-width modules, advanced audio routing for simplified cabling, and a robust auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply, you can take your favorite modules anywhere in the world with complete confidence. The included rackmount kit allows the L6 to be installed in standard 19" studio and touring racks. Designed to accommodate all 500 series-compatible modules and plug-in cards, the L6 is the perfect companion for your MICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIER 502, COMPRESSOR LIMITER 522, PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER 512, and the many other modules currently under development – as well as those from 3rd party vendors.

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6 Modules - Just 3U

The L6 chassis provides I/O connectivity and +48 V phantom power for up to 6 processing modules in a rugged steel cabinet that occupies only three 19" rackspaces (when fitted with the included rackmount kit).

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Advanced Audio Routing

Whether you are in the studio or on the road, signal chain cabling no longer need be an issue. L6's audio output link switches make it easy to rearrange and connect your modules without the need for complex cabling. Just install your modules in the order you wish and pass the signal along the chain free of any extraneous cables. This not only makes your rack much neater, it also helps you maintain the ultimate in signal integrity.

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Roadworthy Build Quality

L6's rugged all steel chassis is over-engineered to withstand the rigours of constant touring and provide the utmost protection for your valuable processing gear. A convenient carry handle is provided for easy transport should your application call for a portable free-standing solution.

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Rackmount Kit Included

Rack ears and all the necessary hardware are included for securely installing your LEGEND L6 in standard 19" recording studio and live touring racks.

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Hum-Free Performance

Thanks to the onboard ground lift switch, you can easily lift the audio ground and eliminate annoying ground loop issues that might otherwise spoil a perfect performance.

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Ready for the World

You need reliable power for spectacular audio; that's why the L6 utilizes a state-of-the-industry universal auto-ranging switch-mode power supply that works anywhere in the world. And the L6's ultra low-noise power supply boasts an impressive 3.2 A @ ±16 V for your modules and 300 mA @ +48 V phantom power, so you can use a wide variety of microphones – even your favorite ribbon mic.

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Premium Quality

Because maintaining a crystal-clear, audiophile-grade signal path is all that matters, the L6 uses only the highest quality components throughout including the Neutrik* XLR main and auxiliary input and output connectors provided per channel.

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Audio Perfection

Whether your mission is the tracking or mastering of recording projects, or getting the perfect instrument or vocal sound in the concert hall, the LEGEND L6 puts your favorite processing gear right at your fingertips.

See your MIDAS dealer today or get your L6 online, and step up to the professional quality your craft deserves.


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