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Introducing our newest flagship. With it's compact footprint, stand-up design, multiple carrying options and break-away laptop bag, the FlyBy Pack is the ultimate tour pack for the digital musician. The detatchable laptop feature allows you to dock the main section at the hotel and take the laptop bag around town. Or, stash the main section in overhead storage on the plane and keep the laptop bag under the seat. Life on tour is filled with new challenges and the FlyBy will rise to the occasion every time. Load up and prepare for takoff.

The Mono FlyBy Backpack is 2-in-1, so you can remove the heavy part to carry your laptop.

2 IN 1
The FlyBy features a detachable laptop bag making it the ultimate 2-in-1 design. Combined, the FlyBy keeps your gear fully organized and protected. 10 seconds later you now have a stealthy laptop bag to jet around town with (fits laptops up to 17”). The FlyBy also comes with a comfortable messenger strap that quickly unclips when it’s time for backpack mode.

The Mono FlyBy Backpack has a port for headphones and can stand on it's own.

With it's stand-up design, your gear is always right where you need it. The rear compartment fits a 17" laptop in a separate padded sleeve. The main compartment includes a cable strap for storing cables without tangles, as well as a deep space for digital controllers, hard drives and even vinyls. The outer front pockets give you on-the-fly access to cell phones, headphones, passports, adapters and more.

The Mono FlyBy Backpack is made from material used in rafts and is concreate proof.


The Mono FlyBy Backpack is waterproof.

Well, we dare you to try. We build our cases to military specs, using only materials with extreme resistance to abrasion and the elements. Steel-riveted handles, high-density padding and a waterproof shell insures a safe journey through harsh conditions. 100% animal free.

These measurements represent the inner capacity of the main compartment of the FlyBy. This storage space is in addition to the rear laptop compartment and front pockets. Use these measurements to determine if your specific components will fit. For a side-by-side comparison of all EFX items click below.

The Mono FlyBy Backpack has tons of storage space.

Fits laptops up to 17", small stack of vinyls, Serato style interface components, controllers, hard drives, headphones and cables. Removalbe laptop bag unzips from pack as needed.

Outside Features
•Removable break-away laptop pack (2-in-1)
•Waterproof Sharkskin™ shell with industrial rubber sole and piping (PVC-free)
•Steel rivet reinforced handle and shoulder straps with optional messenger strap
•5 Exterior pockets for on-the-fly access
•Animal free

Inside Features
•Laptop compartment with restraint strap (fits 12"-17")
•Flip-down access to main compartment
•Double thick bottom padding eliminates dings
•Specialized front pockets for small components
•Cable strap keeps cords organized