Odyssey FFX10CDJWBL Flight FX Series CD-Digital DJ Coffin

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The black FFX10CDJWBL Flight FX Series CD/Digital DJ Coffin from Odyssey Innovative Designs is one of those "wow" cases that comes along and turns the DJ world upside down. This more than unique case is not just your ordinary carry case that is both durable and secure. It is something of a show in and of itself. To begin with, the removable lid reveals a case is rated to hold two large format table top CD/Digital media players as well as a 10"mixer. It also features a front panel that contains a 7-color changing LED panel that not only is controllable but that can be linked to other FX cases so if you're running multiple units, you'll be able to run music and incredible light shows at the same time. The LED panel effects include: (1) Set to 1 Color or Random Color Changing, (2) Slow Flashing Color Changing, (3) Fast Flashing Color Changing, (4) Auto Color Mixing Fade in Fade out, (5) Sound Activated. Solid construction is a hallmark of Odyssey flight cases. Rugged 3/8" plywood along with steel reinforced ball corners and aluminum trim make this case more than adequate for transportation. The hardware is all black powder coated and anodized. So, if you're a DJ who runs around town with your gear in the trunk of your car, knowing your stuff is well-protected is paramount. And since Odyssey backs up their cases with a limited lifetime warranty, you know this case will withstand the demands of an active DJ - where cases and equipment get bumped about in crowded clubs, hallways and reception halls. For portability, there are built-in strong roller wheels that are complimented by a sturdy handle. All the latches and handle are steel and recess when not needed making stacking not a problem. Cable management is easily handled via convenient ports on the case bottom. Heat dissipation is neatly handled through ventilation pits. And, for rapid and efficient access to your inputs, the front of the case is a "V-Cut" panel.


  • For 2 Large Format CD/Digital PlayersAlso Holds a 10" Width Mixer
  • Black Anodized & Powder Coated Hardware
  • Heavy-Duty Ball CornersBuilt-in Corner Roller Wheels
  • Removable Front Access V-Cut Panels
  • Rear Bottom Cable Ports
  • Recessed Handle and Latches
  • Limited Lifetime WarrantyMixer and player ventilation pits
  • LED panel effects:(1) Set to 1 Color or Random Color Changing, (2) Slow Flashing Color Changing, (3) Fast Flashing Color Changing, (4) Auto Color Mixing Fade in Fade out, (5) Sound ActivatedMixer & player width adjustment foam strips included
  • AccommodatesAmerican Audio Flex 100 MP3 American Audio Radius 1000 American Audio Radius 2000 Amercan Audio Radius 3000 Denon DN-S3000 Denon DN-S3700 Denon DN-S5000 Denon DN-S5500 Denon DN-HS5500 Gemini CDJ-600 Gemini CDJ-202 Gemini CDJ-203 Gemini CDJ-210 Numark V7 Pioneer CDJ-1000 Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 Pioneer CDJ-2000 Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Pioneer CDJ-850 Pioneer CDJ-900 Stanton C.303 Stanton C.313 Stanton C.314 Stanton C.324 Technics SL-DZ1200 and more...


  • Material 3/8" plywood ABS laminate
  • Heavy-duty steel ball corners
  • Aluminum trim
  • Type of Closure: Recessed handle and latches
  • Exterior Dimensions 42 x 9 x 21.6" (106.7 x 22.9 x 54.9cm) (WHD)
  • Mixer Well: Holds mixers with a width from 8.75" (22.2cm) to 10.25" (26cm), depth up to 14" (35.6cm) and 3.25" (8.3cm) tallCarrying/Transport Options Built-in corner roller wheels
  • Recessed handle
  • Weight: 42 lb (19.1kg)