Peavey CS3000 Power Amplifier

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Building on the reputation of the world-famous Peavey CS® 800, which conquered the power amp market in the 1970s, the CS® Series is the global standard bearer for workhorse reliability. Over the years, these amps have benefited from some of Peavey's most popular audio innovations, including our exclusive DDT™ compression/anti-clipping protection. With its 2RU design and power points up to 3000 watts, this latest evolution of the CS® Series is leaner, louder and lighter than ever.

Protection Future

RampUp™ Signal Control Whenever a CS® Series amplifier powers up or comes out of a protect mode, the RampUp circuit activates. While the speakers are disconnected, the RampUp circuit fully attenuates the signal and activates the DDT™ LED. After the output relay closes, the signal slowly and gradually raises up to its set level. The PWR LED will illuminate and the DDT LED will turn off when the signal is no longer attenuated. The RampUp Signal Control circuit has some important advantages over the conventional instant-on circuits:

  • 1. If a signal is present during power-up (or when coming out of protect), the speakers are spared a sudden, potentially damaging burst of audio power.
  • 2. Because the gain is reduced until after the output relay closes, no arcing occurs at the contacts, thereby extending their useful life.

Thermal Protection The internal fans will keep the amplifier operating well within its intended temperature range under all normal conditions. If a channel’s heat sink temperature reaches 85°C (which may indicate an obstructed air supply), that channel will independently protect itself by opening the speaker relay to disconnect the load until it has cooled. During this time, the PWR LED will go out and the cooling fans will continue operating at high speed.

Short Circuit If an output is shorted, the LFC and thermal circuits will automatically protect the amplifier. The LFC circuit senses the short circuit as an extremely stressful load condition and attenuates the signal, protecting the channel’s output transistors from over-current stress. If the short circuit remains, the channel may eventually thermally protect itself by opening the speaker relay thereby disconnecting the load.

DC Voltage Protection If an amplifier channel detects DC voltage or subsonic frequencies at its output terminals, the speaker protection relay for that channel will open, protecting the speakers.

Turn-On/Turn-Off Protection Upon powering up, the amplifier mutes the input signals and stays in Protect mode with the speaker connect relays open for approximately four seconds. This allows the internal power supplies to charge and the amplifier to stabilize. After the relays engage, the signals slowly increase from muted to their normal level. Also, when power is removed, the input signals are muted so that no thumps or pops are heard.