Peavey Sanctuary Series S-32 DJ Mixer

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Peavey Sanctuary Mixers Practically Run Themselves! The Sanctuary Series S-32 is a 32-channel mixer designed with several unique, user-friendly features to simplify operation. Peavey-exclusive technologies such as Automix, Auto Delay and Mid-Morph EQ allow any church leader or layperson to use this mixer with confidence. On the Peavey S-32, channels 1-24 can be sent to three subgroups--solo, choir and music--while channels 25-32 have a fourth subgroup option that engages the exclusive Automix function. In addition, there are eight programmable Mute groups that can be utilized to silence groups of instruments, vocalists or other audio sources. All 32 channels include high, low, mid-frequency and Mid-Morph equalization, and all have direct outputs. The stereo line channels (21/22 and 23/24) simplify patching with three stereo inputs each and dual stereo gain trim controls, and they can accommodate split-accompaniment audio tracks or full stereo playback. The Monitor Blend control allows any mix of the left and right channels to be sent to the monitors. The S-32 Sanctuary mixer features a sophisticated digital effects processing section with a complete library of contemporary effects. The powerful DSP functions also serve many of the S-32's outputs. For example, you can program crossovers, equalization (graphic or parametric), compression/limiting and delays.


The Auto Delay toolset simplifies setting speaker delays for balcony, overflow seating or nursery areas. A built-in USB output can stream audio directly to a computer for digital recording and playback. Automix is an automatic mixing function that will adjust microphones input levels automatically, turning down unused or low priority inputs to give dominance to the main microphone; the Mid-Morph equalizer is actually two EQ controls in one, pulling out low-mid frequencies that muddy the sound when the knob is cut and shifting to an upper-range frequency boost that brightens the vocal range. Made in the USA. FeaturesEight Automix channels with compressorsTwo stereo line channels with three input selections, track selection and Monitor Blend control for split-accompaniment tracks (Split-Track Mix)Variable low-cut filter on the microphone (mono) inputsFour-band EQ with low and high shelf, sweepable mid-frequency and Mid-MorphPre-fader, post-EQ direct outputs on the mono channelsThree music subgroups with compressor, auto-off (downward expander) and vocal enhancerOne Automix subgroup with vocal enhancerFour monitor sendsTwo post-fader auxiliary sendsEight programmable mute groupsSubgroup mutes automatically configure as mute groups of assigned inputsExclusive Auto Delay for setting delay speakersUSB connection for streaming audio for digital recording and playbackEffects processor allows up to three effects to be combined and editedExclusive stereo ambience mic inputs provide room ambience to the record, broadcast and processed mono outputsAuto-level function on record and broadcast outputs optimizes dynamic range for easier listening