Peavey SP 6BX Passive Full Range Speaker

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Provides clear sound and great frequency range, in a durable design. The Peavey SP 6BX PA Speaker is a serious PA speaker with great sound and massive 129 dB SPL output. A pair of these passive speakers will fill most rooms with all the power you need, and some of the best sound you ever could hope for. The design is a 4-speaker system that uses a proprietary Quadratic Throat Waveguide to achieve what Peavey describes as a "quasi-4-way system." This essentially means that frequency distribution is more pronounced and articulate than on 2-way speakers. Built from hardwood with a perforated steel grille, and outfitted with sturdy handles and rear casters, each Peavey SP 6BX speaker is super durable and ready to go on the road. FeaturesQuasi-four-way full-range/bi-ampable speaker 2 x 15-inch BWX Black Widow 4-inch voice coil woofers 1 x 6.5-inch Pro midrange with phase plug and ferrofluid cooling1 x RX 22 compression driver with ferrofluid cooling2,000 watts program and 4,000 watts peakAsymmetrical horn design directs sound down 10 degrees toward the audience's ear levelPatented Asymmetrical Quadratic Throat CD Waveguide technology used on mid and tweeterPeavey Sound Guard III tweeter and midrange protectionHammerHead durable cabinet covering Neutrik Speakon four-pin twist lock connector 2 x 1/4-inch phone jacks Bi-amp capability via internal wiring jumper under removable plate Stand-mount adapter Heavy-duty casters Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 15 kHz4 ohms impedance Distinctive Frequency DistributionThe Peavey SP 6BX PA loudspeaker is capable of more than 1,000 watts of continuous power handling between its four speaker drivers. This passive box is loaded with 2 x 15-inch Black Widow BWX SF woofers, each with a Kevlar-impregnated cone that provides strength when your low-end output is hot and heavy. A clear and pronounced midrange is guaranteed with a single 6.5-inch Pro cone. Finally, a single 2-inch RX 22 compression driver loaded onto Peavey's patented constant directivity waveguide achieves a sparkling clarity in the high that is unique to this speaker. The SP 6BX's tweeter and midrange cones utilize ferrofluid cooling, which means that they have a small amount of special fluid inserted into the gap between the magnet and the voice coil. This keeps these speakers cooler, and means that a lighter coil can be used, achieving a better power rating and better frequency and transient response. The RX 22 compression driver also uses its Radialinear Planar Phase Correction System to make sure that the highs remain undistorted due to natural phase that occurs. The internal passive crossover utilizes Peavey's own Sound Guard protection circuit on both the compression and the mid-range speakers. This ensures that your output remains balanced at high volume levels and that none of the circuitry inside can be damaged by overload. Aims Straight For The AudienceThe Peavey SP6BX was intelligently designed for live situations. It employs an asymmetrical vertical polar response, which directs the main lobe of the sound output downward 10 degrees so it aims directly at the audience. This also helps reduce ceiling reflections and use of dynamics. Durable and Great-Sounding CabinetsThe SP 6BX cabinet design is trapezoidal, reducing standing waves inside the enclosure to eliminate any potential "boxiness". The enclosure is constructed out of hardwood coated with Peavey's heavy-duty HammerHead UV stabilized polyurea finish for maximum durability. Heavy-duty all-metal casters are incorporated to improve portability. The full-length perforated steel grille protects the valuable design inside. High-Quality InputsThe Peavey SP 6BX PA speaker has a Neutrik Speakon four-pin jack input, as well as two 1/4-inch TS jacks.