Peavey TLM-2 2-Way Floor Monitor

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The TLM"cent; 2 is a full-range, low-profile stage monitor designed to ensure the performer the most accurate representation of sound. This monitor is at the leading edge of technology, with the high frequencies supplied by a 14XT"cent; titanium-diaphragm compression driver. The internal, full-range crossover, blends the 12-inch woofer with the 14XT"cent; for the optimum monitor response. The enclosure can be vertically mounted on its stand adaptor or placed on-stage at either 30 or 45 degrees. The SA-1"cent; stand adaptor allows for the use of a speaker stand to elevate the enclosure. The TLM"cent; 2 is covered with a durable black carpet, and a metal grille is added for speaker protection. The loudspeaker system shall have an operating bandwidth of 75 Hz to 17 kHz. The output level shall be 96 dB when measured at a distance of one meter with an input of one watt. The nominal impedance shall be 8 ohms. The program power handling shall be 300 watts with maximum peak of 600 watts and minimum amplifier headroom of 3 dB. The outside dimensions shall be 15-1/2 inches high by 22-3/4 inches wide by 17-1/2 inches deep. The weight shall be 46 lbs. The loudspeaker system shall be a Peavey model TLM"cent; 2. SpecificationsFrequency Response: 75 Hz to 17 kHzLow-Frequency Limit (-3 dB point): 75 HzUsable Low-Frequency Limit (-10 dB point): 55 HzPower Handling300 watts program600 watts peakSound Pressure Level "cent; 1 Watt at 1 Meter "cent; Swept-Sine Input in Anechoic Environment: 96 dBMaximum Sound Pressure Level: 116 dBBox Tuning Frequency (Fbox): 90 HzCrossover Frequency: 2.2 kHzCrossover Type: Internal passive two-wayCrossover Slope: 12 dB/octave high and low passImpedance (Nominal): 8 ohmsImpedance (Minimum): 5.1 ohmsInput Connections: Two 1/4" full-range connectorsEnclosure Materials and Finish: Durable black carpetMounting: SA-1"cent; stand adaptorDimensions (H x W x D): 15-1/2" x 22-3/4" x 17-1/2" (39.37 cm x 57.8 cm x 44.5 cm)Net Weight: 46 lbs. (20.8 kg)