RCF CX12N251 Coaxial

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The CX12N251 is a lightweight coaxial driver with excellent linearity and high efficiency. The CX12N251 radiates a coherent single spherical wave front with perfect dispersion control. The design is powered from a large sized single neodymium ring magnet that provides an extremely high flux density and BL factor. The new hyper-vented aluminium basket and magnetic assembly design provide an excellent heat dissipation and lower power compression. Special air-forced ventilations are provided for voice coil, magnet assembly and basket. A 2,5" voice coil combined a strength fibreglass former and aluminium wire drives the mid-bass cone with high efficiency and a good extension. The 1,7" dome compression driver, loaded to a 60Ã?° conical waveguide, provides a clear vocal output and a perfect high frequency extension. Features600 Watt continuous program power handling Mid-Bass2.5-inch , fibreglass outside, aluminum voice coil99.5 dB Sensitivity50 Hz - 3.5 kHz Frequency rangeDual-forced air ventilation for minimum power compressionM -roll surround and exponential cone geometryDemodulation ring100 Watt Continuous program power handling HF1.75-inch Diaphragm, 1.0-inch Exit ThroatFrequency range: 1200Hz " 20kHz2-slot, optimised geometry phase plugPolyester diaphragmAluminum rear cover dissipation designSpecificationsNominal Diameter: 25.4 / 1.0 mm/inchRated Impedance: 8 ΩProgram Power: 100 WPower Handling Capacity: 50 WSensitivity 1 W, 1 m: 109 dBFrequency Range: 1200 - 20000 HzMinimun Impedance: 6.5 ΩVoice Coil Diameter: 44.4/1.75 mm/inchVoice Coil Material: Edgewound AluminumNumber of layers: 1 - OutsideDiaphragm Material: PolyimideDiaphragm Design: DomeSuspension Material: PolyimideSuspension design: FlatBL factor: 7.5 T Ã?· mFlux density: 1.9 TPhase plug design: 2 slotPhase plug material: CompositeMagentics: NeodymiumResonance frequency: Fs - 60 HzDC resistance: Re - 5.2 ΩMechanical Factor: Qms - 5.4Electircal Factor: Qes - 0.28Total Factor: Qts - 0.26BL Factor: Bl - 17.5 T Ã?· mEffective Moving Mass: Mms - 41 gEquivalent Cas air load: Vas - 62 litersEffective piston area: Sd - 0.053 mÃ?²Max. linear excursion ( mathematical): Xmax - 4.8 mmVoice - coil inductance @ 1 kHz: Le1K - 1.2 mHHalf-space efficiency: Eff - 5.2%Net Weight:3.6 / 7.94 kg/lbsShipping Weight:4.1 / 14.7 kg/lbs