RCF MQ100L-W Three-Way Column Loudspeaker

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MQ 100L (available in black and white) is a 3 way column loudspeaker providing natural hi-fi delity sound of both speech and music, suitable for sound system having fixed loudspeakers where the environment is acoustically critical or with architectural constraints. The wide horizontal coverage angle (180°) and the vertical dispersion (60°) allow the correct sound reproduction in a wide space, in order to limit feedback and improve the sound directivity which is important, for instance, in halls having a long reverberation time. The mounting accessories are included. These have been engineered to keep the column as close as possible to the wall and simplify the installation. Its tilt angle can be chosen among 0° " 5° " 10°. The 60° vertical dispersion is asymmetric: it is the difference between 20° upwards and 40° downwards. The vertical dispersion axis is in fact already angled 10° downwards, making it unnecessary to tilt the sound column excessively. Features2 rubber surround 3.5" woofers2 fabric surround 3.5" mid-woofers2 cloth coated 0.75" dome tweeters40 / 80 Watt (RMS/Music Power)Frequency range 130 Hz · 20 kHz118 dB (80 W/1 m) max. SPLIncl. 100V transformer multitapPower rotary switchDirect connection to Low-Z speaker linesEasy to installSimple power settingsSpecificationsFrequency Response -10 dB: 130 Hz · 20 HzMax SPL @ 1m: 118 dBHorizontal coverage angle: 180°Vertical coverage angle: 60 (+ 20, - 40)°System Sensitivity: 93 dBProtections: PTC on tweeterCrossover frequencies: 2000 HzTweeter: 2 x 0.75" cloth coated dome tweetersMidrange: 2 x 3.5" Mid-Woofer mit einer GewebesickeWoofer: 2 x 3.5" rubber surround woofersInput connector: euroblockCabinet Material: Self-extinguishing (HB level) high density polystyreneGrille: SteelColour: Black / WhiteHeight: 510 / 20.8 mm/inchWidth: 120 / 4.7 mm/inchDepth: 166.8 / 6.5 mm/inchNet Weight: 3 / 6.6 kg/lbs