RCF PR 4092 9 Inputs, 2 Outputs Pre Amplifier

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PR 4092 has been designed to provide a flexible solution for any paging and music application in PA systems. Each of the 9 inputs can be sent to output A only, output B only, or both A+B; in this way PR 4092 can also be used as a doublepreamplifier: "A-bus" dedicated to paging, "B- bus" for BGM programs. Thanks to the "2 in 1" design, priority function relevant to the inputs is active on the ouput selected only, by not affecting the other output bus. Input 1 has overall priority (voice or contact activated) and can be used for emergency paging; Inputs 2 and 3 together can be set with priority on Inputs 4 to 9.Features 9 balanced XLR inputs1st Input has priority over the other Inputs for paging purpose8 Inputs have both MIC/LINE sensitivitySwitchable PHANTOM 12V and HI-PASS filters provided on universal InputsEach Input has OUTPUT SELECTORSIGNAL presence INDICATOR on each Input2 PRIORITY levels: INPUT 1 by VOX or Contact on removable Euro-block type connector, VOX activated on INPUTS 2&34 of the LINE level INPUTS are available on RCA Stereo type connectors3-tone built-in CHIME generator by contact closure on removable Euro-block type connector2 balanced XLR outputs