RCF RDNet Control 8 8 Output Master Unit

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The RDNet Control 8 is a real-time monitor and control system able to manage up to 256 devices linked in a bus or up to 128 devices in a ring topology. All the data collected from the slaves are delivered to the sound engineer by USB in a local installation or by Ethernet from remote locations. The interface can be directly connected to the DSP on board of every TT+ line array module through the exclusive RDNet protocol making it possible to address in single cabinets or groups, specific presets or modification parameters in real-time. The key point of RDNet Control 8, in fact, is to ensure minimum refresh time (at least 5 per second) of all the system data performance, for example: RMS signals, compressor activity, temperature, fans speed, warnings, etc. Data transfer can be routed also through the provided xlr connectors enabling the control of the system on traditional multi-cored cables Features Bridging the control and monitoring network in between Ethernet (remote control) / USB (direct control) and RDNetConnecting PC to Control 8 and controlling up to 8 subnet of up to 32 slaves devicesConfiguring the net with bus connection or ring connectionAuto detect net configuration and registrationControlling slave devices status and functionsMonitoring and displaying faults and warnings sent from slave devicesStoring subnet user filters configuration in a removable memory card