RCF UP 8502 Power Amplifier

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The new 8000 series power amplifiers are designed around an innovative RCF power supply and amplification technology. The full digital technology used in these new products allows extremely high efficiency both with AC and DC power supply operation, Pro-Quality audio reproduction and compactness: all the three models are built-in a single 19" Unit. The switching mode power supplies include an independent DC 48 V section that guarantees extra redundancy to the possible failure of the units. Each channel is provided with two inputs and dedicated priority circuit to get mix/mute and exclusive priority operation. The amplifiers are suitable for 70/100 V applications, using a unique RCF technology that allows to eliminate the line output transformer. Several status LEDs on front panel give a complete feedback on amplifier status, a DIP switch on rear panel allows to disable the frontal volume controls in order to avoid misuses. All connectors are removable screw terminals. Features Class D amplifier and double switching AC-DC power supply, transformer-less galvanic insulated speaker outputPro audio performanceSelectable 70 " 100 V output per channelDouble input per channelActive full protections on amplifier and power supplyStand-by, priority and fault remote commandsActivity and status indicatorsVolume knobs on front panel with disablement facilityLight-weight 1 U 19" rack enclosure