Samson Rubicon R5A Active Ribbon Monitors

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Studio Monitors with the Pure Sound of a Ribbon Tweeter!
The Samson Rubicon 5A is an inexpensive pair of 2-way, bi-amplified nearfield studio reference monitors, featuring a 2" velocity Ribbon high frequency driver.
The very low mass and quick response of the Rubicon 5a tweeter design enables accurate, uncolored high frequency reproduction, with minimal distortion and unwanted dispersion. There is a 4-position HF level control in support of the Ribbon driver, to better match the speaker to the acoustic properties of the room environment. The drivers are powered by a 50-watt amplifier for the low end, and a 25-watt amplifier for the highs.
The Rubicon 5a makes a piece of elite audiophile technology available to the project studio owner at a remarkably inexpensive price point.
  • 2-way Biamplified Nearfield reference monitor with Ribbon Tweeter
  • 2" Velocity Ribbon high frequency transducer, 5" low frequency driver with Butyl Surround
  • Neutral, low dispersion HF playback, ultra-quick and transparent tweeter response
  • Tuned front-ported bass reflex cabinet
  • Bi-Amp design with 50W low frequency, 25W high frequency amplifiers
  • 4-position high frequency level control for adjusting speakers to room acoustics
  • 1/4" TRS and RCA phono connectors for balanced or unbalanced use
  • Low Frequency Driver: 5" Woofer
  • Mid Frequency Driver: No
  • High Frequency Driver: 2" Ribbon Tweeter
  • LF Amplifier: 50W
  • HF Amplifier: 25W
  • Crossover: Not Specified by Manufacturer
  • Frequency Range: Not Specified by Manufacturer
  • Impedance: Not Specified by Manufacturer
  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL): Not Specified by Manufacturer
  • Controls and Indicators 
    • 1 x 4-position HF Level Control
    • 1 x Red Power On LED
  • Connectors 
    • 1 x 1/4" TRS Phone, Balanced
    • 1 x RCA Phono, Unbalanced
  • Shielded: Yes
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): Not Specified by Manufacturer
  • Weight: 38.4 lbs (17.4 kg)
  • Specialties 
    • Ribbon Tweeters
    • Magnetically Shielded