Sennheiser K-Array KMT221 Subwoofer

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The new K-array KMT221 system, composed by an active KMT21 multi task 21” module and a passive KMT21P 21” subwoofer, is an advanced double subwoofer system. It is designed to add power to the low end of full range systems in various configurations to achieve different diffusion patterns.

To optimize the operation of each configuration, there are several dedicated DSP presets stored on the KMT internal memory. Users can also edit and store their own presets, in addition to the non editable ones supplied by K-array. In total, there are 40 preset slots available on each KMT18 module.

An integrated touch screen provides intuitive managing and editing of the main DSP functions: input and output levels, In/Out routing, speakon output delay (up to 12 ms.), speaker delay (up to 12 ms.), overall system delay (up to 330 ms.). All DSP functions, including EQ can be controlled with remote managing software via USB or RS485, again conveniently on a standard XLR (K-USB and K-XM45 are needed). The amplifiers mounted on board are class D, delivering 2 x 2000W @ 4Ω with a max THD of 1% (EIAJ test @ 1KHz). One of the two amplifying channels is dedicated to an output Speakon to connect to the additional passive bass module KMT21P or to other kinds of speaker configurations like single mid-high modules (KK52, KK102, KP52, KP102) or multiple line arrays.

The rear panel of KMT21 provides input for a balanced line signal, a balanced microphone signal with phantom power, and digital signals in AES/EBU protocol, also on an XLR for ease of cabling.

The unique four-corner port configuration gives symmetrical back loading to the speaker for extended bass response with very low distortion. This also gives incredible structural strength to the cabinet despite its light weight. Pocket handles and an M20 thread mount position for attaching mid-high speakers makes the KMT 402 convenient to use and ideal for medium throw applications in theaters, concert halls, and Audio/Video installations.

All KTM402 components are designed by the K-array R&D department and custom-made under the K-array quality control system.

- Unique performance-to-size ratio
- Fitted with integral handles
- Direct radiating, long excursion 21” driver
- Ultra fast set-up and dismantling system
- Analog and digital AES-EBU inputs
- RS485 and USB connectivity for remote control
- DSP on-board with dedicated presets