Sennheiser Precision 8 Microphone Preamp

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The Precision 8 is an eight channel microphone preamp designed to provide the detailed, transparent sonic performance necessary for the highest quality direct tracking and live sound applications. Sonically accurate discrete FET instrument inputs are available on two of the eight channels, for recording or live sound applications in which realistic and unaffected sound quality is desired.
The Precision 8 uses a high-voltage composite architecture with discrete devices, plus integrated circuits. It offers very low noise and distortion as well as high headroom. The totally balanced dual-servo design eliminates nearly all capacitors in the audio path, and is DC-coupled at the output. All this results in a very detailed and transparent sound quality.
The unit is ideal for location recording due to its eight-channel/single-rack unit format, smooth continuous gain controls, useful level metering, and easy interconnect. The integral MS decoder provides creative spacial image control that is particularly useful in attaining an exciting stereo image with minimum effort and microphone repositioning. The 5-segment peak-hold level metering with selectable peak reference allows rapid optimization of program levels between the Precision 8 and devices to which it is interfaced.
  • Eight highly transparent solid state microphone preamps in a 1 unit rack configuration
  • Built-in M-S (Mid-Side) decoding for creative spacial image control
  • Active, high-impedance instrument inputs (DI's) selectable on two channels
  • 5-segment level indicators with peak-hold feature and selectable peak reference
  • Smooth continuous gain controls
  • Easy interface to a Hard Disc Recorder, Digital Multi Track or Digital Audio Workstation
  • Dual DB25/TRS phono outputs for flexible interconnection (both available simultaneously)
  • Number of Channels: 8
  • Inputs 
    • 6 x XLR microphone
    • 2 x Neutric combination (XLR, 1/4" TRS)
  • Output 
    • 8 x TRS balance phono
    • 25 pin D-Sub connector (Tascam wiring)
  • Phantom Power: +48V
  • Multi Function: No
  • Gain Range: +48dB
  • Maximum Output Level: +31dBu
  • Frequency Response: 1.5Hz to 500kHz
  • Noise: -132dB EIN
  • Dimensions: 1U Rack, 13 1/2" deep
  • Specialties: Ground lift switch