Sennheiser SI30-3000 Single System Package

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The Sennheiser SI30-3000 System Package includes the crucial components you need for configuring a complete IR system capable of providing coverage in medium-sized rooms up to 3,000 square feet.

System Includes

  • SI 30 2-Channel IR Conferencing Wireless Radiator
  • 3 x SZI 30 - Slave IR Emitter Panel for SI 20
  • KKY20-015 Octopus Power Cable for Connecting Up to 4 SI30 or SZI30
  • NT20-4 - Plug-In Mains Unit for SI 30/SZI 30
  • 3 x KR20-015 RF Cable for Connecting SI30 to SZI30 (4")
  • IZM20 Mounting Hardware for Clustering Up to 4 IZK20 Mounting Clamps
  • 4 x IZK 20 - Mounting Clamp for SI20 or SI30 IR Conferencing Modulator
  • WM1 Wall/Ceiling Mount for 2 or More SI30 or SZI30
  • 5 x RI250 Stethophone Receiver for TI250
  • L15110NT - Charger for ten BA151 Batteries with NT92-120 Power Supply