Sennheiser SZI1029-10 Emitter Panel

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The SZI1029-10 from Sennheiser is a high-power infra-red emitter that accepts wide or narrow-band signals from an IR modulator. Ideal for large spaces, the emitter has a coverage area of 12,500 square feet in single-channel mode or 6250 square feet in two-channel mode. In multi-channel mode, the emitter covers 8000 square feet per number of channels.

The emitter offers automatic on/off by the modulator's RF carrier signal, and has 144 IR transmitting diodes for a strong signal. An RF output lets you cascade the signal to even more emitters for greater coverage.

- High-power, dual-channel IR emitter
- Expand the coverage area of your IR modulator
- Covers 12,500 square feet in single mode, 6250 square feet in dual mode, or 8000 square feet per number of channels in multi-channel mode
- Automatic on/off at presence of an RF carrier signal
- RF output for connecting additional emitters