Sennheiser USADA 8000 SINGLE System Package

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The Sennheiser ADA 8000 Single is a 2.3 MHz single channel infrared system package for ADA compliance.

System Includes
- (1)  SI1015 Two Channel Modulator
- (1)  NT1015-120 Power Supply for Modulator
- (1)  GA1031-CC Rack Adapter for SI1015 Modulator
- (2)  SZI1015 Emitter Panel
- (2)  WM1 Wall/Ceiling Mount
- (1)  SZA1060 Terminating Resistor
- (8)  HDI830 Two channel Stereo Infrared Receiver
- (2)  L300-10 Battery Charger for (10) HDI830 Receivers or BA300 Batteries
- (2)  EKI830 Two Channel Stereo Bodypack Infrared Receiver
- (2)  EZT3011 Neckloop for Use with EKI830
- (2)  GP03 Headset, Binaural Earclips
- (1)  ADA Signage Kit

The SI 1015 modulator accepts line level input via an XLR connection and drives the SZI 1015 (medium area) and SZI 1029 (large area) emitter panels. By generating higher than usual sub-carrier frequencies, the SI 1015 avoids the interference generated by electronically-ballasted fluorescent lights.

The SZI 1015 is a 2-Watt radiator with a coverage area of up to 400 m². The radiator is switched on and off automatically by the modulator’s RF carrier. The RF signal from the modulator can be daisy-chained via BNC sockets.

The HDI 830 is a professional two-channel stethoset receiver for wideband transmission systems (with carrier frequencies of 2.3 MHz and 2.8 MHz) in museums, theaters and churches.