Vestax PDX-3000MKII Professional Direct Drive Turntable

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The Vestax PDX-3000MKII Professional Direct Drive Turntable is built to meet the demands of modern club installation applications, professional mobile DJs, serious home DJs and studio production applications. The PDX-3000MKII features a direct drive quartz motor system for the accurate speed, pitch and braking control professional DJs have grown to expect from a nightclub turntable. There are Ultra and Fine pitch controls for accurate beat mixing, and the platter can be made to operate in reverse at the touch of a button. In addition to its standard analog outputs, the turntable also features a MIDI input. Performers and DJs can play a single-note vinyl record, and trigger melodies by playing notes with a MIDI keyboard. Note! Cartridge and stylus sold separately FeaturesDirect Drive MotorAnti Skipping Tone ArmMIDI Input for Keyboard TriggeringFine & Ultra Pitch Control SlidersRugged Metal Construction33-1/3 & 45RPM SpeedsReverse Motor ModeAir Suspension FeetA.S.T.S (Anti Skipping Tone-arm System)Vestax's original Anti Skipping Tone-arm System ensures high sound quality and stable playback by reducing the inner and outer force of the needle, suppressing horizontal vibrations. The entire system, from bearing parts to assembly is professionally installed, and the reason why the A.S.T.S. tone arm is praised world wide for its quality. Direct Drive DC Motor The PDX-3000MKII's direct drive DC motor has powerful torque of maximum 4.7CN/cm, and reaches a constant speed rate within 0.5 seconds from pushing the start/stop button. An extremely precise regulator is required to accurately control such a motor, and with the PDX-3000 it is digitally (32bit CPU) controlled with a digital servo. This servo keeps the motor rotating no matter how heavily the pitch is changed, reverse button is pushed or the platter is pulled back. New High-Precision PlatterWith an advanced digital servo in combination, Vestax has cast a new mold to optimize the balance between the platter weight and rotary inertia moment. This enables the DJ to perform with higher stability and accuracy. The lower surface gives DJs more control over vinyl, along with carefully designed sides for precise pitch adjustment. Digital Torque SimulatorThe digital servo firmware is the brain of the control circuitry. Over the past 10 years it has advanced in order to provide better analog simulation of torque control to DJs. Two control modes can be selected. Performance mode maintains the stabilized speed and rapid acceleration/deceleration, while MIX mode enables precise rpm control with the slightest touch to the platter. MIDI CompatibleThe PDX-3000MKII can be controlled by MIDI note signals sent from other control devices. For example, hook up a MIDI keyboard with a single note vinyl and you can play musical scales. Strong Body MaterialThe ultra strong high pressure foamed ABS plastic that constructs the body is durable, feedback resistant and is highly resistant to impact. Air Suspension InsulatorThe insulators (the feet) are filled with rubber for absorbing shock, and have airspace inside for improved resistance against low frequency feedback. Ultra PitchThe Ultra Pitch Fader controls the pitch range by +/-50%. Combined with the fine pitch fader, a total pitch control of +/-60 % is possible. Reverse ModeSends the motor and platter in the opposite direction, and is an original Vestax feature. SpecificationsOutput ConnectorsRCA Phono MIDI1/8" (3.5mm) RemoteMotor: Direct DriveSpeeds: 33-1/3RPM & 45RPMBrake: Electrical BreakingPitch Control RangeFine Pitch: Ã?±10% (100mm FADER) Ultra Pitch: Ã?±50% (45mm FADER)Wow and Flutter: Below 0.07% W.R.M.SSignal-to-Noise Ratio: 78dB (IEC 98WTD)Power Requirements: AC100V 50/60HzDimensions: 17.87 x 6.37 x 14.37" (454 x 162 x 365mm)Weight: 20.94 lb (9.5kg)